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Forest City Landscape Co.Ltd

"Forest City" aims to turn Hong Kong into a green city. The company undertakes a variety of large-scale greening projects and horticultural maintenance projects, covering garden design, landscaping, tree risk assessment, tree pruning services, rooftop greening, indoor and outdoor plant supply, and indoor and outdoor plant wall laying and construction.

We pay special attention to the safety and landscaping of the living environment. Therefore, the company provides professional risk assessment and inspection of trees by internationally recognized registered arborists, and professional tree pruning and removal services provided by tree climbers. We also cooperate with registered landscape architects in Hong Kong to provide overall greening and landscape design for gardens and housing estates, in order to serve customers with innovative thinking and a down-to-earth attitude to create a beautiful environment where people and nature can get along well.

The company will also order a variety of plants and flowers for customers, including annual flowers, oranges and seasonal flowers, shrubs, evergreen plants and trees. For more information, please refer to the company website